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Reading the books you've always wanted to read!
You know those books you haven't read yet, but you think you really ought to? Maybe you feel like you aren't well read enough, or you've missed a lot of classics, or you'd just like to get up-to-speed on a certain genre. Maybe there are some contemporary books you've missed and you'd like to finally get to them. Join 100project to fill the gaps in your reading history!

What you do: After joining, you make a list of 100 books and post it to the community. Then read those books in the next five years, and every so often, post on your progress. The books you choose are up to you (and larinzia has posted a nice bunch of links to recommendations to get you started.) You might choose to give yourself 25% accident forgiveness, so that if you finish 75% of the books on your list you can consider yourself successful (because let's face it, you might just hate some of them).

I hope you'll join us!!

This community is inspired by The Fill in the Gaps 100 Project blog, started by Andromeda. You can read about the genesis of this project here.

Community Highlights:
100 Project Master List! - Participants' reading lists, regularly updated!
Some places to go to find 100 books to read - Recommendations lists. Suggest more in the comments!
Where the Books Are - Links to places for buying and trading books! Suggest more in the comments!
About Progress Update Posts - How to post your reviews.

100 Project

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