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66/100 The Professor
Book Reviews 2012
readergal1004 wrote in 100project
Title: The Professor
Author: Charlotte Bronte
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 378 (HB-Large Print)
Length of time to read: 6 days

This story of William Crimsworth, who goes to Brussels to seek his fortune, falls in love with Frances, a schoolteacher and lace-maker, and is himself pursued by Mademoiselle Reuter, has often been dismissed as merely a draft of Villette. Yet Charlotte Bronte always stubbornly defended the novel, suggesting a certain lack of depth on the part of the publishers. Portraying a self-made man and his relationships in an individualistic society that worships property and propriety, this peculiarly ambiguous and disturbing love story reveals Charlotte Bronte as a social critic of insight and power.

Recommended By:
Love Bronte and this was on my 100 books to read list.

I liked it. Not as much as Jane Eyre, but I think it would be hard to love it THAT much…I am a little obsessed with Jane Eyre  It was well written (Of course, It’s Charlotte Bronte!!) and the characters interesting. It was a little slow, but I think I am just used to authors not nearly as good as her who rush you through the story. If you are a fan of classic novels, check this one out!


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